What is CLEPPS for Kids?

CLEPPS for Kids is the perfect solution for supporting your child's neck and head while traveling in a car. It was developed for the real need that a dad noticed while he was returning from a holiday with his family. His daughters were sleeping in the back seat as usual while he glanced them through the rearview mirror. His daughters had given up using their safety seats already, which meant that now they didn't have any head or neck support. This had led to the situation that always when sleeping in the back seat, their heads were wobbling from side to side. They tried all kinds of neck pillows as a solution, but they didn't work as desired so the dad decided to develop an answer to that problem. Everything started from this idea and now CLEPPS for Kids wants to offer more comfortable and safe rides for all children who are using boosters or are up to 12-years old.

How does it work?

CLEPPS for Kids provides your child a comfortable and safe sleeping position since it keeps your child in proper posture. This prevents your child from having neck pain and ensures that the seatbelt is correctly positioned. Padded and adjustable head supports are comfortable to lean against and provide pleasant naps during the long rides. Just attach the lower part to the cars isofix bracket and tighten the upper part against the backrest.  

Why CLEPPS for Kids?

  • It is crash tested 
  • It can be used with booster and bigger children can use it alone
  • Unique patented design with adjustable head support provides support for the head and neck
  • Safety for the head in case of side impact
  • Easy to install without any tools
  • Compatible with almost all cars with isofix

Where can I get one?

For international orders you can use Amazon UK and find the product from here. Link to Amazon.

 The video shows you how the Clepps for kids side supports works in real life

More questions?

Contact us: info@clepps.fi